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President speech

In the shadow of the current difficult economic era, small rays of optimism seem toappear as we come closerone another, we discover over again what is “human”, or in other words,we regain the dynamics of networking, the mutual potential of partnership and the culture of joining power .

It has been proved in all levels , that in the arena of international competition and increased globalization, partnership is the strongest factor of regional development and economic growth. In this context, a new local effort was recently launched, which puts cooperation as a central component of action: the foundation of a new Viannos Cooperative Assosiation, is here to adress the need for a more rationalised organization and valid management of olive oil production in our region.

This initiative is addressed both to our local producers, to whom we should give an efficient way out of economic crisis; and also to consumers, domestic or international, who are looking for value for money together with the confidence that they offer a certified and safe product to their families’ daily diet.

Viannos Cooperative Assosiation for olive oil production, opens a new chapter in the history of this famous oil producing region, moving ahead of doubts, misgivings , suspicion and deep-rooted stereotypes. Our ambition, in this initiative, is to have supporters both the praiseworthy local producers and the cogitative consumers, who know how to distinguishand reward honest efforts.

Viannos Cooperative Assosiation guarantees that will employ all its power towardsdifficulties that is unable to be addressed individually byeither producers or consumers themselves and require more collective action. Lauching a strong manufacturing base and vertical production process, from cultivation to packaging , we are capable to offer a high quality product that will compete deservedly and will capitalize at most all interested party’s expectations . Our initial goal is to gain satisfied repeating consumers, who will become the best ambassadors of our efforts to bring in the market a secure extra virgin olive oil with distinct identity at an affordable price.

On the following pages you will find useful information about our unique olive oil, our business activities and the people behind this vision. Our common wish is our efforts and collective activities to be appreciated and supported by all you, establishing an ongoing relationship of trust with mutual benefit.

On behalf of Viannos Cooperative Assosiation,

Manolis Kladakis, President